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Document Uploads

Folder Andalusia City Schools Traffic Graphs (2 Files)
pdf file 100Mbps Utilization
pdf file 50Mbps Utilization
Folder Broadband Internet Recommendations for ALABAMA PUBLIC SCHOOLS (1 Files)
pdf file The_Broadband_Imperative.pdf
Folder Building a Successful 1:1 Student to Computer Initiative (1 Files)
doc file Building a Successful 1(1).docx
Folder How do I backup my contacts on my Southern Linc phone to Google? (1 Files)
pdf file How do I backup my contacts to Google?
Folder ITB Internal Connections E-Rate 2016 (1 Files)
pdf file Internal Connections
Folder ITB Projects 2013-2014 (1 Files)
pdf file Andalusia City School District Specs.pdf
Folder ITB Projects 2013-2014 Bid Items Listing (1 Files)
xls file AHS Infrstructure & AES New Addition Upgrade
Folder Network and Internet Acceptable Use Policy (1 Files)
doc file Technology AUP Revised 6/1/2013
Folder Technology Planning Process Timeline (1 Files)
doc file Tech Plan Timeline
Folder Technology Purchasing Guidelines (1 Files)
doc file Guidelines For Technology Purchases
Folder Year End Technology Procedures (1 Files)
doc file Technology Procedures EOY
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